ONline Workshops and Publications

I am excited to provide additional education materials through online workshops and publications.

Below are my offerings to date. 

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Creating a Theme Garden Idea Booklet | $75

This self-paced workshop will help you with an important step in the design process - the initial information-gathering stage.  This workshop is not about creating a final design, but instead shows how to pull all your ideas together before actually putting pen to paper. Oftentimes we feel overwhelmed with how to start a garden design, because we’ve skipped this important step.


This workshop added much value to my current study of garden architecture. Especially the different approach to the subject. Everyone should do this. You really made it fun to do with your enthusiastic comments for everyone. I lost some hours of sleep (because I couldn’t stop...), but it was worth it.
— Petra de Kramer, The Netherlands

THE GARDEN ROOM METHOD | Price currently hidden in the garden shed

When I started teaching garden design several years ago I realized there was an information gap for new designers. They wanted to jump to the step of placing plants in the ground, but struggled with where to put them. They were skipping a critical step...creating the overall space or room first.

Garden rooms give structure to our outdoor spaces. Just as a skeleton gives our body form, so do garden rooms for our landscape. If you take away the bones, it's just a floppy mess.  Let's transform that mess into something beautiful.

The Garden Room Method will challenge you to look at landscape design as a series of purposeful outdoor spaces and provide the steps to get there.  These steps will be revealed in a future eWorkbook and optional online workshop.  If you'd like to hear about updates as I finish this work of art, please jump on the waiting list below.


The Peanut Butter and Jelly Garden | FREE

The Peanut Butter & Jelly Garden reveals the unique process of how to create a theme garden about anything through five easy steps that lead to an out-of-the-ordinary, personal, and exciting garden design journey.  It doesn't matter where you live in the world, these steps apply everywhere! To get your free copy all I ask is that you sign up for my email list which provides lots of garden design goodness.

I’ve been reading your e-book and feel like you’re the first person I’ve encountered who approached garden design in the way that I can “get it.” You are so very talented!
— Sharon at Garden Geeks Unite